Massive Car Fire At Portugal Festival

The first day of the six-day Andacas Dance Festival in Portugal was cut short when a fire broke out in the parking area, destroying 422 cars Aug. 3.  
A massive fire destroys 422 cars at a parking lot during the opening day of the Andacas Dance Festival in Portugal Aug. 3. Nobody was hurt.

The festival, held in Castelo de Vide in Portalegre, was expected to host up to 40,000 festivalgoers per day; at the time of the fire, the 4,000 attendees were asked to leave the area as a precaution, according to the Portugal News.

The fire was apparently fed by dry grass and high temperatures, and fueled by the cars’ tires and gasoline tanks. Rescue units included 160 firefighters, 42 vehicles and four helicopters, according to Portugal’s Observador.

Even though firefighters reportedly arrived and extinguished the blaze within an hour, the damage was significant; the Portuguese Insurance Association met with emergency personnel immediately. Event organizers reportedly have insurance to cover the damage.

However, a representative of the Consumer Protection Association told a newspaper that this is the first time in the European Union that more than 400 cars were destroyed and the incident will likely lead to creating new rules by insurers.