Shed Project In Des Moines

A $9 million project to renovate the Des Moines Water Works Park includes an amphitheater with space for 25,000 people.

The amphitheater could open next year, The Des Moines Register reports. Plans call for the structure to be in a part of the park that is less prone to flooding. The 1,500-acre park has experienced recent flooding that forced organizers to look for alternative locations for music festivals and other events.

The proposed location of the amphitheater is on a higher elevation than most other spots in the park.

“We’re kind of creating a front porch to the rest of the park,” said Sam Carrell, executive director of the Des Moines Water Works Park Foundation.

Carrell said that the project is focused on daily use of the park, with the ability to host larger events.

The project’s other features include a welcome center, a new space for food trucks and a tunnel connecting the park to Gray’s Lake Park for runners and bicyclists.

The city, which owns Gray’s Lake Park, has not yet approved the tunnel.

“We’re purposely keeping our jury out until we see more detail,” said city Park and Recreation director Ben Page. “The next step is to negotiate how it’s going to be built, what materials are going to be used.”

A 20-member board was formed three years ago to guide the project. The Water Works Park Foundation has $5 million from private donors for the project. It’s now trying to raise an additional $4 million from local corporations to complete the project.