Live Music Office Creates Live Music Map

In a first for Australia, Sydney-based Live Music Office has built an online map to highlight everything needed for artists and artist managers to tour Australia.  

The map plots live music venues, radio stations, recording and rehearsal studios, music education centres, production and backline companies, agents and promoters and music organisations. It was developed with the South Australian government through its Music Development Office (MDO), and the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap), a college radio initiative to promote the latest Australian music to over 300 station programmers.

Damian Cunningham, the LMO’s audience and sector development director, says, “Live performance provides a major chunk of income to artists. With the Live Music Map, we are removing barriers and connecting various components of the live music sector to help artists tour the country with ease.

We hope it will create more opportunities for performers and bolster the great live music venues that exist across Australia.”

South Australian Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation Kyam Maher pointed out that “Live music is vital to South Australia’s economy, contributing more than A$260 million ($198.4 million) and supporting more than 4000 jobs.” Chris Johnson, manager of Amrap, explained, “(College) radio is an essential pit stop for any touring act, and the Live Music Map will make it easier than ever before for artists to gather support and airplay on the road.”