Disappointed Sia Fans File Suit

Some concertgoers felt Australian pop star Sia didn’t make an effort when playing Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv, Israel, Aug. 11.  

Some were disappointed that Sia played only 65 minutes, according to the Jerusalem Post. Other complaints raised by the author of the article concern the video screen, which displayed a “polished, prerecorded video” instead of “portraying the on-stage performance.” Fans paid between $87 and $211 for a ticket.

“The suit against Sia and Tandi Productions – the firm that brought her to Israel – reportedly calls for a nearly NIS 8 million [or around $2.1 million] sum to be paid as nominal reparations to all of the concert’s ticket holders,” the report concludes. The author also writes that the artist “never once addressed the crowd, mentioned what it was like to be in Tel Aviv, or bantered in any way.”

Promoter Ilan Elkayam of Tandi Productions, however, said: “We wish to emphasize that the performance was extremely successful and we have received hundreds of comments from satisfied fans who thoroughly enjoyed the performance.”

He also said that he hasn’t yet received the official complaint from plaintiffs. “We will review the arguments and respond in court.”