Police Find Gun, Drugs After Chris Brown Incident

An unidentified woman is claiming Chris Brown threatened her with a gun during an argument at the singer’s Los Angeles home early Aug. 30, where police found weapons and drugs.  

Photo: Zoltan Balogh / MTI via AP
Balaton Sound, Zamardi, Hungary

Brown was said to be at his house with several friends including singer Ray J when a man, who was invited to the home, showed up with two uninvited women, according to TMZ.

It’s at this point one of the women called 911 and accused Brown of threatening her with a gun. However, someone inside the house reportedly claimed Brown was asleep the entire time.

Police reportedly retrieved at least one firearm as well as drugs from a duffel bag thrown out of the window of Brown’s home. TMZ reported that Brown had not left the home but was defiant and told the police to “come and get me.”

TMZ posted a video of Brown proclaiming his anger at the police presence and claiming harassment by law enforcement. Ray J left the house earlier and was handcuffed by police and his car seized for evidence.

He was released after officers checked his ID, TMZ said, but didn’t immediately give his car back and Ray J reportedly Ubered home. A police spokesman said the investigation is ongoing.