Baltimore Pays For Illegal Fees

The city of Baltimore will reportedly pay out more than $420,000 for the illegal charging of convenience fees to  events between 2011 and 2013.  

Photo: Facebook
in Baltimore, Md. 

The suit filed by local resident John Bourgeois claimed that the ticketing fees were illegal, as the city had a law stating that vendors could charge no more for tickets than the purchase price.

That law was basically nullified by a city council vote in 2013, but many grudges over the fees charged during that period have taken time to resolve. The latest settlement reportedly not only results in a cash payment to Bourgeois, but will see every patron who paid the illegal fees awarded a $3 voucher for future ticket purchases.

The suit claims that 920,621 tickets were sold during the period that the illegal fees were being charged, which exceeded $4.3 million in overcharges. The money used to pay out the settlement will come from profits earned by the city-owned venue. Other class-action suits related to the matter have similarly been settled, according to the Baltimore Sun.