There are seven shows in eight days scheduled, so the U.K.-based group definitely will definitely be making the most of its trip overseas. The run starts in  in New York Oct. 6 and moves to Chicago and Denver the following two nights. From there, the tour has four stops in California, concluding at  in San Diego Oct. 13.

The set will be a healthy mix of the group’s debut LP Too Much Pressure and last year’s Subculture.

In the period in between those releases saw The Selecter disband several times, most notably during the period between 1982 and 1991 while frontwoman Pauline Black focused on a solo career. The group claims it is in its prime, with founders Black and co-frontman Arthur “Gaps” Henderson leading the band through U.K. tours and to perform at events like .

“These days it’s not just Punks, Rude Boys or Mods who rally to their cause,” Black said regarding The Selecter’s music. “It’s a global demographic that’s eager to hear music which stands for something, and has a message.  2 Tone unified all those different groups and we can still do that. We can go anywhere and that’s the beauty of 2 Tone.”

Check out a sample of the group’s new stuff here:

Here is the routing if you are planning on catching the group:

Oct. 6 – New York, N.Y., The Gramercy Theatre
Oct. 7 – Chicago, Ill., 1st Ward Events
Oct. 8 – Englewood, Colo., Gothic Theatre
Oct. 10 – San Francisco, Calif., The Independent
Oct. 11 – Los Angeles, Calif., The Regent Theater
Oct. 12 – Pomona, Calif., The Glass House Concert Hall
Oct. 13 – San Diego, Calif., The Casbah
Tickets are available now. Head over to for the latest on the band.