Whitehouse Launches SXSW Inspired Event

Apparently, when the President likes your event, good things follow:  announced  yesterday, a one-day festival which will gather movers and shakers from around the nation for an exchange of ideas and art.

 this year in Austin, focusing on civic engagement in light of the recent advent of digital technology. Apparently, he wasn’t done, and now the White House is taking suggestions for attendees to the gathering.

The artists for the music portion haven’t been announced yet but are being billed as “well-known and emerging artists who are using their music to inspire audiences.”

The festival will coincide with the annual White House Student Film Festival, which will show a selection from more than 700 projects from K-12 students.

The interactive portion, no doubt is what will most closely draw on the SXSW model, in which the White House plans to stimulate conversation on “how to make change stick” and discussion with panelists “using their platforms to bring about positive change.”

You can submit suggestions for attendees and learn more about the festival at WhiteHouse.gov