Indiana Woman Gets McCartney’s Autograph Tattooed On Arm

Ceil Noworyta, of Munster, never dreamed of getting a tattoo, let alone getting one at the age of 63. But her mind would quickly change.

Noworyta’s dream came true when Sir Paul McCartney pulled her and friend Toni Johnson on stage during his recent One On One Tour show in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Noworyta said. “I was not prepared for it. When he called me up there I had nothing to sign so I had him sign my arm.”

Her girlfriend held up a sign that read please sign my arm so I can get a tattoo. Sticking to her word, just a couple of short days after the performance, Noworyta headed to The Tattoo Lady in Hammond, to get her Sir Paul’s signature permanently on her arm.

“I’m so scared,” Noworyta said. “I’ve never done something like this before. My husband teased that I don’t even have his name on my arm, but I told him I did love Paul 10 years before I even met you.”

Photo: Mike Oberg / Pollstar
Save Mart Center, Fresno, Calif.

Noworyta, a retired recovery nurse at East Chicago’s St. Catherine Hospital and the mother of her own “Fab Four boys,” is thankful for her husband, Don, who “is tolerable” of her appreciation for McCartney and his music.

“He says I’m crazy because I’m a 60-year-old chasing, acting like 16-year-old, while chasing a 70-year-old,” Noworyta said. “It’s all in fun. Paul’s the best.”

Noworyta recalls her father asking her if she would like to see The Beatles as a young girl. When she said “of course,” he took bought four tickets for their entire family to see them at Comiskey Park in August 1965.

“That’s what started it all,” Noworyta said.

Noworyta took a break from the shows during the late ‘70s when McCartney was with Wings “because they got too big and were selling out these gigantic stadiums and I wanted to see him up close and not from the rafters.”

But she learned the ins and outs of getting better seats.

Noworyta has been to more than 20 shows and takes great pride in belonging to his fan club, often getting premium seats and various opportunities.

On one occasion, her friend Toni and her hopped a flight to New York and saw him at Virgin Records after waiting days in the rain.

“That’s the first time I talked to him,” Noworyta said. “He is just a kind person and a musical treasure. He held my arm for what felt like an hour.”

That’s before her arm read “Paul McCartney.”