June’s Diary Pencils In Showcase Dates

After forming on the television show “Chasing Destiny,” girl group June’s Diary has settled on its name, released some singles and is now taking its live show on the road to the coasts for some initial performances.

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Epic Records
A press photo for June's Diary. 

The group is new, so new in fact that there really isn’t much music you can hear through most forms of media. So far one music video for “L.A.N.C.E.” and the singles “All of Us” and “It’s Alright” are available, but it’s probably a good bet that the ladies will be performing some covers along with original material.

The music seems to be as much about the group’s sense of sisterhood and sassiness as it is about the ladies’ vocal abilities, which are all well-trained. From what you can hear now, the music tends towards R&B, but incorporates lots of pop and electronic influences.

June’s Diary consists of Ashly Williams, Brienna DeVlugt, Gabrielle Carreiro, Kristal Lyndriette and Shyann Roberts. It was formed under the tutelage of Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child and “Chasing Destiny” director Frank Gatson, and the ladies are now signed to Epic Records.

Regarding how the group chose the name, Lyndriette told BET, ““Even though we were put together in February, June is the month that we spiritually connected as a group … A lot of great things happened for us in the month of June. We were just having a talk last week that something just clicked. Something just happened between us, and we were just like ‘Wow.’”

The routing has the ladies on four confirmed stops around the coasts, with one venue TBA. Here’s the plan:

Sept. 24 – Washington, D.C., TBA
Sept. 27 – Philadelphia, Pa., Coda
Sept. 28 – New York, N.Y., S.O.B.’S
Oct. 3 – West Hollywood, Calif., The Roxy Theatre
Oct. 4 – Oakland, Calif., The Venue
Tickets to most dates are available now. The group’s official website is JunesDiary.net.