C3, Insomniac Bring The Megafest

C3 and Insomniac are partnering for a new festival to be called Middlelands in Todd Mission, Texas, next spring. 

The promoters promised concertgoers this will be the “next level of festival.” Insomniac has specialized in visual effects and fan experience, as its events feature world-renowned lighting and pyrotechnics, as well as stage design, art installations and other special effects.

C3’s Austin City Limits and the international Lollapalooza-branded events boast a reported 2 million attendees yearly.

“Over the years, we’ve imagined building something new and unique with our friends at C3 Presents,” Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella said. “Bringing together our teams will enhance the magic, diversity and community that can be created at a destination festival like Middlelands.”

The event will have five stages, four days of camping and three days of music. The festival website is Middlelands.com and it is revving up all the expected social media.