Saved By The Dreads

Rapper Denzel Curry reportedly fell from the ceiling into a women’s restroom during a Sept. 29 performance at The International in Knoxville, Tenn., and was eventually carted to a hospital after playing one more of his hits.  
from Instagram

No footage is available from the incident, but tweets from attendees and Curry himself seem to confirm the narrative that he did fall and did have to leave. “I could of died tonight… But my dreads saved my life,” he Tweeted, uploading a picture of himself with a bandaged head onto Instagram the same night.

“Denzel Curry fell through the ceiling of the women’s bathroom at the international.. then got up, performed ultimate and left in an ambulance,” wrote Sean Bowers.

Curry started his Tweets by assuring his followers he was, indeed, still alive and also pontificated on the fragility of life. The International did not offer a comment on the incident at press time.