The Ubiquitous Guest List

Clubs and restaurants, as well as industry giants like Live Nation are experimenting with a startup that tracks patrons’ spending habits and notes their interactions with staff.  

The platform, called SevenRooms, gives industry personnel the ability to log information such as favored drink orders and seating preferences, as well as a platform for booking reservations, marketing events and smart waitlists that prioritize preferred customers.

The company’s website lists Live Nation, Morgans Hotel Group and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas as clients. “SevenRooms has exceeded our expectations by improving venue operations and has also helped drive immense sales with its rich CRM and guest profiles, transforming our Live Nation corporate marketing efforts,” said Natalie Brown, VIP services and group sales manager for Live Nation.

Company co-founder and CEO Joel Montaniel said the intent of the product is to strengthen a venue’s ability to maintain relationships with customers, particularly VIPs and potential regular patrons.

Montaniel told Forbes he wasn’t concerned about potentially invasive tracking of customers’ frequent locations, spending habits and experiences with staff.

“The idea is that you’re willing to [share data] because it means a better experience,” he says. “VIP doesn’t mean that you are special, it means you are able to build a relationship with someone.”