Swedish Club Operators Unfazed By Explosion

, a club in the Swedish city of Malmö, was struck by an explosion on Monday, leaving property damaged but no one injured. Babel co-owner Mattias Berg told sydsvenskan.se that the blast wouldn’t affect the club’s program. 

He also denied having received any threats prior to the explosion, which occurred at around 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 10.

The club’s staff posted the following statement on Facebook: “After an amazing weekend with two awesome concert and club nights we woke up to a proper bang early this morning. (…) Luckily no one got hurt and that’s what is most important right now. We, of course, look at this incident very seriously.”

The statement says that a lot of hard work went into every club night and that “we will continue to work together with our superb staff and all organizers to (…) be a meeting place for music and culture lovers in Malmö.

“There is no threat against Babel, and we will continue to work actively with our staff, guards and police to make anyone who comes here feel secure.”

The explosion was strong enough to smash the club’s door and windows, as well as the windows of a car parked near the club’s entrance and of Sandwich Corner, located across the road from Babel. Police are investigating the blast. So far, no suspects have been arrested.