Trump’s Apprentice Tapes Loom Large

Transcripts of Donald Trump criticizing a female country music artist’s appearance on an episode of “The Apprentice” have raised questions about potentially damaging unreleased video footage from the show.  

The episode, titled “Beauty and Brains,” aired in 2010 and transcripts of unreleased footage showed Donald Trump fixating on singer Emily West’s appearance.

“[Her] skin, her skin sucks, okay?” Trump reportedly said while evaluating brochures presenting West.

“I mean her skin, she needs some serious [expletive] dermatology.” In the show West and Luke Bryan received a “makeover” from teams and were presented before judges.

Cyndi Lauper headed the team in charge of remaking West, and Trace Adkins was featured as a special guest judge. Lauper confirmed that the transcripts were accurate to what happened outside of the aired footage. West went on to get second place in “America’s Got Talent” in 2014.

The release of the transcripts has caused many to speculate there were other potentially damaging comments recorded during the show’s many seasons.

“The Apprentice” tapes are currently being closely guarded by producers. While many media outlets speculated that producer Mark Burnett was protecting the footage, he and MGM released a statement Oct. 10 stating that the tapes were owned by MGM, which had legal requirements restricting the release of content.

Former show producer Bill Pruitt tweeted that based on his own experience there are far more damaging clips of The Donald locked away. More than 20 former workers and contestants associated with the show told the Associated Press they had experienced Trump making inappropriate sexual comments during production.