Attorney Pleads Guilty To Scam

Attorney Herbert Franklin Green of Washington, D.C., was sentenced Oct. 11 to three years in prison for conspiring to scam investors out of $2 million for nonexistent concerts involving Alicia KeysJay Z, and Beyoncé, among others.

with TV person Kim Kardashian at a club thing.

Green pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in July to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy; the guilty pleas were for two counts of an eight-count indictment. He was sentenced alongside co-conspirator Marc Hubbard, who was reportedly sentenced the same day to six-and-a-half years in prison.

Hubbard, known for his involvement in what was dubbed the “Wonder Blunder,” pleaded guilty to eight counts last summer. His business, Sports Dimensions Inc., which operated out of North Caroline since 2006, was accused of taking investments and applying $1.8 million of it for personal use for Hubbard and $333,000 for Green.

Green acted as Hubbard’s attorney and negotiated or assisted in the negotiation of the contracts between Hubbard and his investors, according to the complaint. Hubbard received approximately $2,125,000 to invest and investors received only $326,500 in return.

Hubbard’s SDI was at the epicenter of a disastrous booking for the University of Hawaii, which attempted to recruit Stevie Wonder for a fundraiser for the college’s athletic department, but the school’s $200,000 deposit disappeared and never reached legitimate representatives.