A Day To Remember Indeed

A Day To Remember has won a court battle with Victory Records, with an Illinois jury ruling in the band’s favor to the tune of $4 million.  

Photo: Jim Hill
Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Mich.

The conflict revolved around the band’s five-album commitment to Victory Records. A Day To Remember filed suit against the label in 2011, claiming breach of contract and disputed copyright claims; Victory argued that that re-releases and live recordings did not fulfill the band’s contract.

The jury at the two-week trial ruled that the band did in fact release albums that counted toward its contract and is entitled to $4 million in unpaid royalties and withheld proceeds from digital downloads and merchandise, according to Law 360.

Victory had held royalty payments after the band allegedly axed a merch agreement between the label and Hot Topic. The jury also granted the band composition rights to their songs, according to Law 360.