Corson Joins APA

Leo Corson has joined the contemporary music department of APA’s concerts division.

– Leo Corson

Corson, who founded his Corson Agency in 2007, joined Circle Talent Agency in 2014. He brings with him more than 50 clients, many in the realm of electronic music. Artists include 

“Leo’s passionate entrepreneurial approach to all things music representation will be a great asset as we continue to expand our Contemporary division,” said APA’s Josh Humiston, head of concerts, North America.  “He’s a great addition to our team, and I look forward to his contributions moving forward.”

Corson is deeply rooted in the EDM scene of Southern California; since 1994 he has spent time in the area working as a DJ, producing and owning a record store. He holds a Master’s Degree in Music Industry Administration, and teaches Music Business at Icon Collective in Burbank.