Aska Arrested Again

Shigeaki Miyazaki, better known by his stage name Aska as one half of the veteran Japanese rock duo Chage & Aska, has been arrested again for violating his probation. 

According to various media, the 58-year-old singer, who in 2014 was sentenced to three years in prison suspended for four years of probation for illegal drug use, had posted comments on his blog, saying that media reports on his “looming arrest” were false.

Some fans responded sympathetically while others felt “betrayed.” Then, on Nov. 25, Aska actually called the police himself and requested they come to his residence.

Police arrived to him asking them to determine if his home was bugged. The officers found him inarticulate and had him take a “voluntary” urine test, which came back positive for “stimulant drugs,” a general term usually meaning methamphetamine.

Despite the evidence, Aska submitted an affidavit denying the charges. Chage & Aska have not performed together since 2009, and were already pursuing solo careers before Aska’s initial arrest in 2014.