Vitalone To Work With Baseball Alliance

An entertainment company has inked a deal to connect promoters to a network of more than 200 minor league baseball stadiums.  

Vitalone Entertainment, the company of Joe Vitalone, has an agreement to work with the minor league baseball alliance and its 206 stadiums.

Of those venues, Vitalone told Pollstar he thinks 170 would work well for concerts and other events. “What we are doing is we are soliciting the promoters, the agents and the managers that represent the artists,” Vitalone said. “It’s not exclusive to one promoter at this point … We’re open to [working with] anybody. We just want to bring the right products to the right areas.”

Vitalone said he will use his relationships to connect promoters to available venues and find ways to reduce expenses, facilitate marketing support and in some instances can get promoters’ participation in concessions. He said he is close to signing a deal with a major promoter and major artists, but couldn’t give names.

Vitalone said there are parallels between the work he is trying to do with stadiums and Oak View Group’s work with arenas.