Interval Club Festival Suspended Indefinitely

Interval 100 won’t happen in 2017, after the second edition of the Romanian club event left the company in debt.  


The event had moved from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca, where it took place Nov. 29 to Dec. 4. “Due to massive financial losses, we are no longer able to continue putting together our next events. We are just two people behind this quite massive venture – from Boiler Room to Interval Natural to 100 – and we must admit we were completely overwhelmed by the making of our last event and the problems that came with it,” promoters Irina Bako and Stefan Maritiu wrote on their Facebook page.

They added that “it will take a series of small miracles for us to resume this hiatus but we’ll do all we can to recover from this and keep things moving forward for Romania’s electronic music scene.”

Resident Advisor reports that overall losses amount to $70,000.

“For the next year we will need to focus all of our time and energy on finding the much-needed support from third party financers and sponsors to help us pay back our partners, vendors and suppliers as well as a few of the artists who played at Interval 100. We cannot go on until all of our debt has been paid,” the Facebook statement continues.

Interval’s above-mentioned Natural festival is still scheduled to take place next September in the Rasnov Citadel in Transylvania, Romania. However, it depends on how fast the company can recover from this year’s money-losing business, Bako told Resident Advisor