Red Rocks Sued Over ADA Seats

The City of Denver is being sued by a coalition of disability rights groups that claim people who use wheelchairs lack necessary access to concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, in part because the venue allegedly doesn’t prevent able-bodied people from using designated accessible seats.

Disability Law Colorado, Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center, and the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition represent six plaintiffs in the federal class action lawsuit.  reportedly has one wheelchair-accessible row entrance in front and another in the back of the 9,525-capacity amphitheatre.

The lawsuit takes aim at seating issues in the front row, and demands the city clearly mark the accessible rows to discourage people from taking seats allocated to disabled persons as well as require staff to ask able-bodied people who occupy those seats to move. The suit reportedly does not seek monetary damages, but asks that changes be made so wheelchair users have sufficient access to the front reserved section.

“Denver Arts & Venues has a long history of working with a number of communities to improve the patron experience for all, including complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act,” Brian Kitts, spokesman for the City of Denver, told Pollstar. “We continually monitor feedback and update venue operations in order to make all of our facilities, including Red Rocks Amphitheatre, comfortable, safe and accessible to all patrons.

“We will continue to work with groups representing disabled communities, in order to improve the experience of patrons with disabilities to the extent we are allowed by law, including the ADA, and the unique characteristics of venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater.”