No SOS4.8 in 2017

The 10th anniversary of Spanish festival SOS4.8 has been postponed to 2018. Promoter Legal Music cited a non-compliant Ministry of Culture as the reason. 

SOS4.8 2017 was supposed to go down April 28-30 in Murcia in the southeast of Spain. But according to Legal Music, the Ministry has failed to fulfill its sponsorship duties since 2013.

“From 2013, year by year, Murcia’s Ministry of Culture has been promising the festival a much-needed mid-term contract. They’ve failed to fulfill their promise every year, forcing us to sign each edition’s contract just days/weeks before it took place. They also reduced the amount of public funds each year,” the promoters told Pollstar. “We haven’t asked for more funds though, just for said contract. With a three-year contract we’d have been able to bring new private investments to the festival to keep it alive and healthy.”

But negotiations broke down, and Legal Music was forced to announce the postponement of the 10th edition. In another statement, the promoters claim they were only able to pull of each edition since 2013 thanks to the efforts of its other sponsors and partners outside the Ministry.

Tickets will be refunded via Ticketea.

Among others, SOS4.8 has welcomed Pulp, Morrissey, The National, P.J. Harvey, Franz Ferdinand, The Flaming Lips, Mogwai, The xx, Bloc Party, M83, Pet Shop Boys, Damon Albarn and Phoenix on stage at past editions.