Barrie Marshall ‘Totally Surprised’ By MBE

British concert promoter legend Barrie Marshall was knighted in the Queen’s New Year Honours. He shared his thoughts with Pollstar.

– Barry Marshall
Posing for a photo at the Pollstar Awards

“I was totally surprised to receive this honor. To be honest, I am quite overwhelmed with the messages and kind words from so many people around the world – which I so appreciate,” Marshall said.

The founder of

“I guess my whole life has been in pursuit of excellence, to do the very best I can, although I could never have expected such an honour for just doing my job. I love music – and because of that the music business!

Pollstar gave me other wonderful surprises by awarding me International Promoter of the Year on several occasions – and I’m sure that this played no small part in this very special recognition.”

Marshall pointed out that “this award isn’t just for me. It is for my great teams both here in London and in LA. All the talented production crews who have given me so much support on our many world tours – often in ‘uncharted territories,’ where the word ‘challenge’ is real!

“It is because of all the amazing artists that I have been privileged to work with, and their managers and agents, who trusted me to work hard and share their journeys, and who have been so influential in my life and career – and brought so much pleasure to so many people.

“I take heart that music is the one thing which still brings people together with a common purpose – no conflict. It would be nice if music could rule the world. 

“My mother often asked when I would get a ‘proper job’ – if she were here today, I think, like me, she’d be glad that I didn’t!”