Teton Suit Plods Along

A Wyoming music festival is being sued over an agreement that, despite being signed by an outgoing president, it claims was never approved by the board.

The suit was filed by Marguerite A. Walk Private Foundation Corporation and Maurice Walk Fine Arts Foundation against Grand Teton Music Festival and Grand Teton Support Facilities.

The plaintiffs claim sisters Margot and Cynthia Walk negotiated a deal with the festival leadership that secured $4 million in grants for festival housing and would see the Walks become board members.

Grand Teton’s documents showed the board officially received a presentation for an agreement and approved one three months later, Jackson Hole News And Guide reported. GTSF, the nonprofit that puts on the festival annually, is claiming that the Walks modified the terms and did not secure approval from the board, and the president’s signature is invalid.

The Walks are arguing that this is an attempt from the organizers to get the grant money without fulfilling the terms of their agreement.

The defendants attempted to get the suit dismissed, but a judge ruled Sept. 21 that the case should continue.

The next hearing is set for Jan. 25. Grand Teton Music Festival brings notable classical musicians to Jackson Hole Valley for a seven-week summer celebration each year.

The festival hosts other performances throughout the year during other seasons.