Windish, AM Only Are Now Paradigm

Not much will change but the names – they will all formally take on the Paradigm name effective immediately. AM Only and The Windish Agency have partnered with Paradigm under their own names since 2012 and 2015, respectively.

They moved into a new, combined office space with Paradigm in New York City in November. Other than that, AM Only CEO Paul Morris and Windish Agency Founder/President Tom Windish will continue their leadership roles within Paradigm’s Music Executive Group along with Dan Weiner, Marty Diamond and CODA’s Tom Schroeder.

“The partnership with Paradigm has brought a tremendous group of agents and resources together under one roof on a worldwide scale,” Windish said. “We have always shared the same values and I am proud to now share the same name.”

Morris, acknowledging Paradigm’s music DNA, added, “By combining forces with Monterey Peninsula, Little Big Man and, now, AM Only and Windish, Paradigm has built an inclusive culture that keeps the spirit of these independent companies alive which allows our unique attributes to continue to flourish within the unified agency.”

Paradigm, already a force in television, motion pictures, theatre, book publishing, media rights and more, become a major player in the music space when it acquired Monterey Peninsula Artists in 2004, followed by Little Big Man in 2006.

“I’ve found that the same entrepreneurial spirit that leads to successful business-building also lends itself to successful career-building for our clients,” Paradigm Chairman/CEO Sam Gores said of the move. “In working with like-minded professionals, we’re able to expand our reach, resources and clients without losing our focus. Our mutual respect and shared values makes this integration a natural fit. I consider us very fortunate to have the brilliant minds of Paul and Tom on our team.”