Elite 100 Artists Week Ending 1/5/17

With the end of the holiday season comes the end of Pentatonix topping this list. We’re back to business as usual with The Weeknd, Drake, Twenty One Pilots and J. Cole on top to kick off 2017.

AP Photo
– Love The Drake
Drake, center, is seen on stage at the 9th Annual BET Awards in Los Angeles.

Pollstar has expanded its BuzzAngle Music-powered Elite 50 Artists chart to Elite 100, giving our subscribers a snapshot of the week’s top-selling artists based on music sales and streaming.

The chart now also incorporates Canadian data. All product, not just current releases, by that artist are included in the figures and the total for ranking purposes is based on an album sale equaling 1, 10 song sales equal 1 album, and 1,500 on-demand streams equal 1 album.

BuzzAngle Music, which is owned by NYC-based Border City Media, was built on a new, state-of-the-art software platform that provides a real-time data stream and more than 200,000 ways to easily filter or customize the data.

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