Gramatik Coiled To Strike

Gramatik is headed back out on the road in 2017, having announced

The gig at one of the world’s premier amphitheaters will be June 17. This is not the DJ/producer’s first time there. Gramatik brought his Blizzmatik show to the mountains in 2015 and 2016.

Courtesy Magnum PR
– Gramatik

The new show, titled “Re: Coil,” will be a return to the Tesla-coil based stage setup. A statement said the title is also a play on the “recoil” response to “the countless tragedies and bizarre events that occurred [in 2016], but more importantly, it was a year that intensified a feeling of pessimism for what the future holds. While we recoil from the shocking year that was 2016, it is also a time to remember we can always harness the good which exists inside every one of us, and continue to fight for a better world for all humanity.”

The next place to catch Gramatik is at Gem & Jam festival in Tucson, Ariz., which takes place Feb. 2-5. He is also set to perform at Carnaval de Bahidora in Mexico Feb. 18-19, Buku Music + Art Project, which takes place in New Orleans March 10-11, Shaky Beats in Atlanta on May 5-7, Middlelands in Texas May 5-7, and FM4 Frequency in Austria Aug. 15-17. The Buku show will also include a “Grizmatik” performance, which will see Gramatik team up with

Gramatik released Epigram in 2016 and will no doubt be bumping tunes from that album throughout his upcoming tour.

Tickets to the show at Red Rocks Amphitheater are on sale. The artist’s website