Jo Dipple Leaves UK Music

Jo Dipple was instrumental in getting the UK government to introduce the Live Music Act, which made life for live music venues easier.

– Jo Dipple

Dipple joined trade body

“Jo has built an outstanding team full of talent and ambition and has made UK Music into a highly visible presence. I have really enjoyed working with her over the course of more than eight years,” said UK Music chairman Andy Heath. Dipple added: “I am privileged to have worked with successful industry bosses and supremely talented musicians and creators. Music is part emotion and part business and the UK gets both right over and over again. The founders of UK Music were determined to secure the very best regulatory landscape for this outstanding industry. Its members will continue to bring a practical and business-like approach to opportunities and challenges ahead.”

UK Music also successfully challenged the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in court over new copyright legislation, amended the Department for Communities and Local Government’s planning law, launched an anti-piracy education campaign, published several music studies and prevented cuts to BBC music services under Dipple’s leadership.