Eminem, NZ Gov. Begin Talks Over Court Case

The Wellington High Court held a teleconferencing call between representatives of Eminem’s publishers and New Zealand’s ruling National Party for discussions before their copyright trial begins May 1, the NZ Herald reported.

Steve C. Mitchell / Invision / AP
– Eminem
Lollapalooza, Grant Park, Chicago, Ill.

Neither side has revealed what specifically the talks were about. Prime Minister Bill English was unable to comment, saying, “That is a matter for the courts, they are dealing with it … so I don’t have any comment to make on it. I’ve had no contact with anyone related to the court case.” 

Detroit-based publishers Eight Mile Style LLC and Martin Affiliated LLC took action in September 2014 against the political party for allegedly using the rapper’s 2002 track “Lose Yourself” in an elections ad that year without permission. The National Party has denied using the Eminem track. It says that the sound-alike music was provided by an Australian-based production company, and that the piece of music has been used by others without question.