Mojo Barriers Sold

Germany’s Evago group has bought 100 percent of the shares in Mojo Barriers’ global crowd barrier business. 

Bernd Loy (EVAGO Group, COO), Lorenz Schmid (EVAGO Group, CFO), Goran Marincic (EVAGO Group, CEO), Alex Borger (Mojo Barriers, CEO), Cees Muurling (seller), Hedwig de Meyer (seller).

The announcement states that Mojo Barriers will remain a standalone company offering crowd management solutions for all kinds of events. Its main offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, U.S. and Australia, along with distributors in 20 other countries, will continue to offer the same products, but also bolster the range of products and services thanks to the resources of its new owner.

Alex Borger, CEO Mojo Barriers, said his customers and employees will benefit from the fact that Mojo Barriers is now part of a larger group of companies. He said, “The event infrastructure market is growing and is full of opportunities so I am confident future investments will allow our research and development department to continue to develop our product range to take advantages of those opportunities.”

Evago CEO Goran Marincic added: “Thanks to this strategic acquisition, we will continue to strengthen our position in the international market over the long term and advance our growing event infrastructure capabilities with the global stock and team of Mojo Barriers.”