Ticketfly Partners With Lyte

Ticketing company Ticketfly announced it has formed an exclusive partnership with ticket exchange company Lyte.

– Ticketfly

Lyte worked closely with the BottleRock music festival last year, and is doing so again this year, to offer what it calls an alternative to the secondary ticketing market. Lyte uses technology that provides an actual ticket exchange that is verified, regulates prices, is integrated with a primary ticketing service and isn’t for scalpers, according to a statement.

It was not known at press time the financial details of the partnership. A ticket buyer is not restricted to using Lyte for a resale outlet although Ticketfly believes it is such a good system that an alternative will not be desired, according to a spokeswoman.

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– Lyte


“By bringing Ticketfly’s primary ticketing system together with Lyte’s exchange platform, we’re bringing the secondary market out of the shadows into a place where it can be regulated and secured,” Ticketfly said in a statement. “If we get this right then, over time, we could make a major dent in scalping, or even eliminate the practice entirely.”

As implied, Lyte will not be partnering with other ticketing companies but is working with current clients such as BottleRock even though it was recently majority-bought by Live Nation and is not associated with Ticketfly.