PVS Now Runs Two Rivers

The city-owned

– Two Rivers Convention Center

The city will pay PVS a flat fee of $225,000 and if profits exceed $100,000, that amount will go to PVS and profits after that will be split between the company and the city, Grand Junction Communications Manager Sam Rainguet told Pollstar.

Prior to this agreement the venues were managed by the city and were struggling to turn a profit, Rainguet said.

“There are different skill sets that come to bear when you contract somebody who is in the [entertainment] industry, different efficiencies that they can bring, different contacts and different levels of knowledge,” Rainguet said. “We’re hoping that there will be folks in the industry that find the hidden gem that Grand Junction is, and that we’ll be able to bring more entertainment and more conferences and more activities here to the community.”

Maria Rainsdon has been named GM of both facilities. The 1,096-capacity theatre hosted performances from The Charlie Daniels Band, Brian Regan, and

Two Rivers was built in 1974 and received major renovations in 2002. The Avalon Theatre was built in 1923 and has undergone a number of renovations throughout its history, most recently with major renovations and an addition in 2014.

“We are thrilled to be managing the Two Rivers Convention Center and Avalon Theatre in Grand Junction,” PVS managing partner Tom Paquette said in a statement. “Our team is immediately going to work to bring exciting events to the area, and we look forward to making a positive impact in the community.”