FBI Investigating Arizona Promoter

Anyone who has lost money in business dealings with Arizona promoter Frederick “Freddy” Stahmer is encouraged to contact the FBI, which is investigating multiple complaints against him and his company, Frederick Entertainment.

– Farm Rock Poster

Stahmer, based in Oro Valley, is best known for putting on the Farm Rock events, which featured ’80s rock acts like L.A. Guns, Night Ranger, Quiet Riot, and Warrant.

The feds stated March 7, “In the past five years, Stahmer promoted and produced at least 23 concerts in various locations, including Tucson, Chicago, Tulsa, Nashville and Las Vegas. “It has been alleged that a number of individuals and vendors advanced monies or supplied goods and services in connection with these shows and were not repaid.”

Noted heavy metal radio and television personality Eddie Trunk wrote, “Freddy fucked over a whole bunch of people, me included, and now is on the run, hiding from everyone looking for him. He has gone off the grid.”  

Anyone with complaints about dealings with Stahmer are encouraged to call the dedicated FBI line at 520-594-2800.