YG Paid Despite Trump Trashtalk

Contrary to rumors circulating through various publications and social media, YG apparently collected full payment for his performance at San Diego State University March 3. 

John Davisson
– YG
MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre, Tampa, Fla.

 The rapper had a contract to headline the school’s Greenfest concert at the

“During booking discussions with Live Nation, the student Greenfest committee that selected the artist and planned the GreenFest concert requested that YG not perform his song, ‘FDT,’“ Tyson wrote in an email to Pollstar. “The student Greenfest Committee was advised that an artist can be asked, but that there is a possibility that the artist will still play the song.”

The Compton native did indeed decide to perform the song.

Many students under the impression that he wouldn’t get paid took to Twitter to praise him.

“YG broke a 60k paying contract [with] SDSU just bc he ended up playing FDT at the concert he did there. What a real one,” one user wrote.

Tyson said that since the deal was with Live Nation, which then got YG onboard, there was no direct paperwork between YG and the Associated Students.

The Greenfest concert also featured performances from