Kelly Family Comeback Tour

The Kelly Family, who have reached iconic status in Europe, but especially in Germany, announced a comeback arena tour in Europe, promoted by

From January through to March 2018, the Kelly Family will play major arenas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The tour follows a three-day concert series at Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle in May, which was sold out within hours after the announcement in November 2016.

Now, Semmel Concerts added 25 dates in 2018 for the We Got Love tour, named after the band’s new album, which will be released March 24. Over the course of their career, which reached its peak in the ’90s, the Kelly Family sold more than 20 million albums, some of which went multi-gold and platinum in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

– Kelly Family

Adding to their iconic status were the long hair of each member, old-fashioned clothing, a double-decker tour bus as well as a houseboat, which was their home for some time.

During the height of their fame, a wall had to be erected to keep fans from besieging the boat.

The Kelly Family has American and Irish roots, but never reached the level of fame in those countries. The extended family included father, mother, both of whom have since passed away, and 12 kids, not all of whom will be participating in the comeback.