DHP Launches The Borderline In Central London

DHP has reconfigured the interior of the long-standing 300-capacity  venue in Soho, Central London, adding a new bar among other things. 

– Borderline
DHP Family

The new bar allows for a much better view of the stage, which should please venue programmer Ed Lilo in particular, who told Pollstar that “DHP is all about live music.”

He highlighted the venue’s facilities for bands, including a proper backstage area with showers. While live music will be at the core of The Borderline, also part of the program are “accessible yet progressive” club nights “launching with guilty pop pleasures every Friday and the best guitar-oriented playlist each Saturday.”

DHP Family’s MD George Akins said: “We are very happy with the results of the refurbishment. The feedback from artists, agents and press has been phenomenal. The atmosphere at the press launch on Wednesday showed how well a club night will work and the gig last night proved that we made the right choices with room layout to get the best viewing and production values.”

Alongside The Borderline, DHP also purchased  in London’s Highbury district last summer. The Garage is already operating successfully, hosting concerts.

What remains are some electrical works to The General Store, which is the bar space at front of the venue, and which will be open do day-time customers as well.