Fake Lorde Fools Auckland Fans

Lorde was in London on March 27 with her mother, but back in her hometown Auckland, 18,324 kilometers away, she was seemingly performing an intimate secret gig before 100 fans in the Grey Lynn public library.  

– Lorde in London
from the singer’s Instagram: “we in london and i got my creme egg beeetch”

The regular Monday-night No Lights No Lycra is billed as “a weekly hour of dance freedom in total darkness” with a NZ$7 ($4.90) door charge.

The ambience helped the teased “special secret guest” deliver a set of Lorde songs that wrapped up with a rendition of her new single “Green Light.”

Amazed guests took to social media to proclaim their luck at witnessing a secret Lorde gig.

Organisers later identified the impersonator as Hannah Grace Horsfield, a music student at Auckland University.

Craig Neilson called the event “an early April Fool’s joke,” according to the Guardian

Neilson says the impersonation was good enough for all hundred attendees to be convinced they’d experienced the real thing.

One posted on Facebook, “You know you are in Auckland City when Lorde casually rocks out as the surprise guest at your local No Lights No Lycra hosted at the community library. Those are some pretty stoked faces right there!”

Another exclaimed, “a.k.a. #Lorde you secret ninja you, surprising us like that and your voice was amazing live in the little hall in the dark!”

The postings certainly surprised the singer and her mother Sonia Yelich-O’Connor in London.

The latter tweeted that the incident was “weird” and clarified, “We are in London – me n @lorde,” adding the Union Jack emoji.

Lorde confirmed on Instagram, “We in London,” posting a photo of herself eating a Creme Egg.

In a later tweet, she called the lookalike episode “deeply fake news but quite cute.”