See Tickets Goes Secondary

Vivendi’s UK primary ticketing arm, See Tickets, has launched its own secondary offering called Fan-to-Fan. 

– Fan-To-Fan
from See Tickets

Ticket holders can resell their tickets for “any one of the 35,000 concerts and events available on See Tickets platforms, at no fee,” the announcement reads.

The premium for ticket buyers will be capped at no more than 5 percent of the original price, which ensures See Tickets covers VAT and payment charges.

The company emphasizes that it isn’t interested in making a profit from the resale, which is why there is no fee to the seller. Customers are able to re-list tickets and buyers are able to compare them to the original price.

See Tickets plans to offer this service as a white label solution to other companies and artists can offer “legitimate and price-regulated ticket reselling on their own sites.” Rob Wilmshurst, chief executive of See Tickets, who was also a witness in the UK’s latest parliamentary hearing on the issue of secondary ticketing, said the Fan-to-Fan platform was developed “with the support of the artist community, and it will make the market fairer and more ethical.

“I’m optimistic that our regulated platform for reselling and buying tickets will have a positive effect on the entertainment ticketing industry.” Adam Webb, Campaign Manager at the UK’s FanFair Alliance, called Fan-to-Fan “yet another example of a ticketing company demonstrating leadership by promoting face value exchange instead of resale profiteering.”