C3AFA Tours Anime

Sony Music Entertainment’s Singapore subsidiary, Sozo, which holds the annual Anime Festival Asia throughout Southeast Asia, is teaming up with anime producer Sotsu for C3AFA, a touring exhibition and performance event that showcases Japanese manga, anime, cartoon characters and related music. 


The first C3AFA will take place in Bangkok for three days in June, according to Japan’s main financial newspaper, the Nikkei, before heading to Jakarta and Tokyo in August, and then on to Singapore and Hong Kong in November.

Concerts are the highlight of the events. Last year, Sozo’s AFA, which started in 2008, attracted 210,000 people to shows in Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

The C3 events began in 2009. The two companies told Nikkei that they expect C3AFA to become the largest event of its kind in Asia. Sotsu produces a similarly themed event for East Asia.