BSE, Bowery Deal For Webster Hall

, one of New York City’s most historic nightclubs, will be operated by a partnership between Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment and that of The Bowery Presents, AEG Presents’ partner in the region.

Webster Hall – Webster Hall
in NYC

BSE and The Bowery Presents acquires a long-term lease, operating rights and assets to the 1,500-capacity venue, while the building will continue to be owned by Unity Gallega.

Webster Hall was Pollstar’s Nightclub of the Year in 2016, and is currently ranked No. 2 worldwide in ticket sales. The venue is designated an official New York City landmark.

The complex, in operation as a music venue since 1886, also includes the Grand Ballroom, The Studio and The Marlin Room live entertainment spaces.

“Partnering with The Bowery Presents and Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment to program and operate this iconic live facility will continue to enhance Webster Hall’s worldwide reputation as one of the industry’s most important venues,” AEG Presents Chairman/CEO Jay Marciano said in a statement.

“We are excited to build on the iconic history of Webster Hall,” said Brett Yormark, CEO of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment. “Webster Hall provides us with an extraordinary opportunity to connect with artists early in their careers and expands BSE’s venue footprint into Manhattan.”

BSE and The Bowery Presents assume operation of Webster Hall from the Ballinger family of New York, which began running the venue in 1989.