Rosie Hamlin Dies

The singer of the 1960s hit “Angel Baby,” a song covered by everyone from John Lennon to Linda Ronstadt, has died.

The 71-year-old lead singer of Rosie and the Originals died in her sleep on March 30, according to a post by her daughter on the late performer’s website.

Rosie Hamlin
– Rosie Hamlin

Rosie Hamlin was born Rosalie Hamlin on July 21, 1945, in Oregon. She was raised in Alaska before moving to California when she was a preteen.

Hamlin was 14 years old when she penned “Angel Baby,” a song that Lennon would later call one of his all-time favorites.

Hamlin’s daughter said the singer hadn’t performed in a while over concerns for her health. Hamlin detailed on her website her struggle with fibromyalgia. She most recently lived in New Mexico.