UK Snap Election Puts Ticketing On Back Burner

The UK’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee halted its secondary ticketing investigations in light of Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for a snap general election. 

Theresa May
Andrew Yates / PA via AP
– Theresa May
United Kingdom prime minister

No more evidence sessions on secondary ticketing will take place in the UK, at least until a new government is formed on June 8, which is when the early election is to take place.

Current Committee chair Damian Collins said: “Although we are unable to complete these important inquiries, there is no bar to our successors in the next Parliament taking up the evidence received – which has been published on the Committee’s website – and finishing them. Given the importance of all these subjects, we hope that the new Committee will do so.”

May, who had assumed office in July 2016, had thrown out the idea of early elections several times.