Concord, New Pragueshire?

A bus ad for the Capital Arts festival in Concord, N.H., featured some beautiful scenery promoting the event, but the only problem was that some of the images weren’t from the event, city or even the same continent.  

Concord Coach Bus ad
– Concord Coach Bus ad

The huge display plastered across a Concord Coach bus line shows images of the Merrimack River and a local clock tower that adorn New Hampshire’s capital city, but also a Prague hillside as well as a scene from Venice, Italy, according to the Concord Monitor.

Concord Coach President Ben Blunt said, “I think you can still get your message across.” Concord Coach paid for the ad and a festival volunteer chose the photos from a stock photo bank.

The Monitor reported the volunteer may have been pressed for time when selecting photos for Concord Coach.

Capital Arts fest is May 6 and features Juston McKinney at the . The ad mishap brings back memories of a Rhode Island state tourism campaign that featured video from Iceland.