Las Vegas Nightclub Attack Settled

Attorneys for former New York hedge fund manager David Moradi, who was attacked by security officers at a Las Vegas nightclub, have settled a lawsuit against the defendants for an undisclosed amount.   

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Marodi’s attorneys were asking for a $160.5 million verdict plus $483 million in punitive damages, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Moradi was suing the  casino, its  nightclub and Roof Deck Entertainment.

The settlement essentially “wipes out” the $160.5 million verdict, according to the paper. Terms of the settlement agreement were not disclosed.

Moradi, who manages a $1 billion hedge fund, suffered a traumatic brain injury in the 2012 incident.

The lawsuit claimed a nightclub manager and security officers forced Moradi into a security room and demanded to see I.D. and a credit card after he paid a more than $10,000 tab, according to the paper.

The lawsuit then claims security shoved him to the ground and smashed his head against the concrete floor. Defense attorneys said there had been a dispute over Moradi’s signature and Moradi head-butted the general manager.

However, one juror told the paper she watched two minutes of video of the encounter and saw no head-butt.