UK General Election: Industry Demands

The UK’s music industry has published its demands for the new government that is to be elected June 8 “to ensure the continued prosperity of the music sector.”  

UK Music says the music sector “contributes £4.1bn to the economy and employs almost 120,000 people,” according to a manifesto the trade body put out. It also claims the music industry grew 17 percent over the past four years and contributes £2.2 billion in exports.

UK Music asks the future government to take action in the fields of international action, regional development, intellectual property, skills and education as well as finance and investment.

UK Music chairman Andy Heath said: “To maintain growth and withstand the challenges that may be presented over the next five years, our Government needs to put creative industries at the heart of Brexit negotiations and devise an industrial strategy to safeguard sectors like music and allow them to develop further.

Securing the best deal for music must be achieved for our industry, our economy and for the world’s music fans.

“There will be many difficult issues which will occupy policy-makers and politicians, but it is vital to protect and develop the music sector which is one of the UK’s greatest success stories, generating huge sums on a world stage.

Policies overcoming the value gap and securing the true value of music from digital platforms, broadening protections for live venues and building our international trading relationships would go a long way to securing the future.”

The UK’s Music Venue Trust also released a manifesto calling for a reform of cultural funding that would invest in the infrastructure of grassroots music venues. It also asks the future government to “take action to increase and reward private investment” and to “cut red tape and reduce costs.”

Mark Davyd, CEO of MVT, said “grassroots music venues are vital incubators of talent, the ignition system of a global industry that is worth £4.1bn to the UK economy. In 2016, UK artists accounted for 7 of the year’s top-10 best-selling artist albums in the world. If we want future UK musicians to continue to produce that music for us, they, and the technicians, crew, promoters, security who work with them, deserve world-class grassroots music venues to create, develop and grow that music.

“We’ve been researching, discussing and debating what’s happened to our Grassroots Music Venue touring circuit for the last three years. It’s time for action. We are laying out three deliverable, achievable, and sensible actions a future government can take to support them to achieve their full potential. We want every prospective MP to read those commitments and pledge to support them.”

The Music Venue Trust will be discussing its manifesto at this year’s Great Escape, which takes place May 18-20 in Brighton, England.