Someone Has Sinned With 12 Stones Tour

The Christian post-grunge band 12 Stones gave a highly unusual explanation for canceling tour dates that had been announced, claiming a whole tour was created without their knowledge; it should come as no surprise that the claim has been challenged.

Canceled dates include

12 Stones
– 12 Stones

On the band’s Facebook page, 12 Stones posted a message May 17 that apologized for the dates that apparently appeared out of thin air on several platforms.

“We regret to inform you that we will not be performing at the shows that were previously listed on our Facebook, Bands In Town and various other locations on the web. An individual who does ‘NOT’ represent the band booked these shows without the approval and/or knowledge of the band, management, label, publicist, etc.,” the post reads.

“We found out about these shows by seeing our name being promoted and posted online by venues, etc.”

It was not clear who the rogue party was that booked the tour – an agency, a Russian hacker, or a Russian agency – but it appeared to be someone who had access to all of the band’s social platforms and had the trust of the venues.

The band’s agency,

On Facebook, M7 Agency (based out of Sarasota, Fla., and not Moscow) defended the association of Another Lost Year with the tour, which was as real as could be, according to the agency.

“Let’s keep it simple and professional. We don’t book imaginary tours,” M7 Agency said. “We have been in contact from the beginning with ALL the bands, including all support. Shallow Side Ryder Adakain SIGN of LIES. We have a paper trail stretching back months, proving this tour was planned, approved, existed, and was announced on May 3rd, by the headliners and all support.”

M7 said that the tour was conceived on the Shiprocked music cruise by 12 Stones and Another Lost Year, but 12 Stones’ “lack of professionalism” caused ALY to drop out.

M7 didn’t pull any punches.

“The band has all but ruined their relationships with the 50 plus buyers around the country, and their longstanding responsible agent at 3Thirteen Entertainment Group. We spent the better part of our morning speaking to all our promoters, who we hold highest in regards, making sure they knew the truth behind this.

“We urge you to challenge 12 Stones, read the fans’ responses, contact the support bands, and find the truth.  … Suffice it to say that we will no longer affiliate with 12 Stones, and seeing the responses from these buyers, neither will they.”

The 12 Stones post is rife with comments from upset fans, at least one of whom said they made nonrefundable travel plans, and others that were far from charitable.

“How very Christian of you, to pass the buck and throw others under the bus, because you can’t tell the truth, and do your jobs,” says one sample comment. “A little integrity goes a long way.”