Ticketers Sue Fyre Festival

To the surprise of no one, organizers of the notorious Fyre Festival are being hit with yet another lawsuit, this time from the company hired to handle the event’s ticketing and refunds.

Fyre Festival
– Fyre Festival

Tablelist, a Boston-based startup which has built its name getting club-goers bottle service and easy entry into hotspots, is claiming Fyre organizers haven’t returned any of the money passed to organizers from ticket sales, despite having promised patrons refunds.

 “Like so many other companies, investors and endorsers, Tablelist – and our customers – are victims of a fraud,” Tablelist CEO Julian Jung said in a statement.

The plaintiffs are claiming Fyre marketed the festival as an “exclusive, luxury” event, something more in Tablelist’s wheelhouse. Tablelist said it was promised the event would be well-organized and there would be plenty of money.

The company said it had sold $3.5 million in tickets and VIP perks, and gave organizers 90 percent of that money straight away. Once the festival bombed, Tablelist is claiming it asked for the money back, as patrons were immediately promised refunds, but Fyre organizers never paid up.

“Fyre Festival organizers completely left us hanging out to dry as the middleman between this disastrous event and our ticketholders,” Jung said. “All the money sits with Fyre, and we’re fighting back to get those funds to our customers, where they belong.”

The release went on to say the company had to lay off 40 percent of its staff on its consumer side as it focuses on the upcoming legal battle.

Requests for comment from Fyre reps hadn’t received a response at publication time.