Pandora Sued By PayPal

PayPal has sued Pandora in a New York federal court, claiming the music streaming service’s new logo too closely resembles its own.     

Pandora v. PaPpal
– Pandora v. PayPal
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The trademark infringement suit is just the latest blow to Pandora, which is already seeking a buyer and suffering declining subscriptions and listenership.

PayPal in its complaint accuses Pandora of deliberately mimicking its double “P” logo with a similar, single blue capital letter.

“Pandora launched the Pandora Logo as part of an effort to overcome serious commercial challenges that threaten its very survival,” PayPal asserts in its complaint. “As a streaming music service known mostly for its free-to-consumers version, Pandora has no obvious path to profitability. It also faces overwhelming competition from Spotify, Apple Music, amazon Music, and other successful streaming platforms.

“It was against this backdrop that Pandora deserted its long-standing logo and latched itself on to the increasingly popular PayPal logo as part of its efforts to catch up to its competition.”

PayPal seeks an order forcing Pandora to stop using the new logo.