Live Nation Festivals Inform Audience About Security

With the European summer festival season about to kick off, Live Nation’s promoters are informing their audiences in advance about the security measures they will face this summer.  

Reading Festival 2014
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– Reading Festival 2014

Festival Republic created a website linking to its various festivals and their respective safety information.

The promoter says it has “consulted with personnel at the very highest level and all the relevant Police and security groups as we carry on with the preparation for this festival season. On top of the conversations this week, these talks will continue right up until the festivals and onwards. We talk regularly with the authorities and share intelligence throughout the festival season in order to protect our fans.

“The festival perimeter, arena, backstage and offsite areas are all robustly controlled and managed by security experts. Festivals are what we do. The hundreds of staff working on these events know them inside out and have been working on them for many years. Your safety is our utmost concern.” Live Nation subsidiary

Germany’s twin festivals Rock am Ring and Rock im Park (June 2-4) also provide safety instructions on their respective websites. They specifically advise visitors that bags, backpacks and containers of all kinds won’t be permitted on the festival site, with small belt bags for personal items being the only exception.

Live Nation Germany will also use the alert system Katwarn, which can be accessed by festivalgoers via app.

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